OpenXTalk Open Source Free Coding Program is an open source effort to maintain and improve the coding program LiveCode Community, discontinued by LiveCode Ltd.

OpenXTalk Lite 1.05 Public Release
Mega Download Page
DropBox Download Page
Mac OpenXTalk Lite 1.05 (64-bit, MacOS 10.9-14, ARM Mac via Rosetta2)
Windows OpenXTalk Lite 1.05 (64-bit, WinOS 7-11)
Linux OpenXTalk Lite 1.05 (64-bit, Xubuntu 14-23, Debian 7-12)

Install Instructions
Windows and Linux users require
7-Zip to extract. Right-click archive > 7-Zip > Extract Here. Read the ReadMe.txt instructions. Right-click installer > Run as administrator or Allow to run as a program. It may take up to four minutes to install. A new install overwrites previous install. To uninstall, drag OpenXTalk folder from ThisPC > C: > Program Files to Trash or /opt and delete OpenXTalk folder.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. If OpenXTalk is based on LiveCode Community 9.6.3, their last open source build, why should I switch? Over 150 improvements have been made, most notably MacOS 14 support, dark mode, draggable Tool Bar, updated Tools Palette, colorization options, online incremental updates, improved help Guides, player object on Linux, speed improvements, and bug fixes including Geometry Manager. OXT continues to be updated.
  2. Will OpenXTalk delete my installed LiveCode Community versions? No. OpenXTalk is installed in a different folder. A new version of OXT will overwrite an older version of OXT though.
  3. Will OpenXTalk open my LiveCode Community 9x and lower stacks? Yes, and stacks made with OpenXTalk can be saved as either file type.

OpenXTalk is a free easy English programming language focused on education and individuals with no coding experience. Inspired by Apple's Hypercard, it uses a stack-of-cards metaphor with buttons, fields, and other objects you code in plain English to perform actions. Code runs immediately without compiling. It comes with a code Dictionary and a text Editor to write code. OXT's visual ease of use and low learning curve make it an ideal coding experience. It is compatible with Mac (ARM-chip Mac via Rosetta2), Windows, and Linux, but not Chromebook.

The stack files below open with OpenXTalk or LiveCode Community 9x installed.

Free OpenXTalk Stacks
(Google requires sign-in to download)

Download Beginner Lab. A tutorial stack with 36 OXT lessons. Most lessons have interactive projects and examples to help master essential skills. You must have the free OpenXTalk program installed on your computer to open this file. Updates: Major update to all lessons, Sound and Animation lessons added (Nov/21). Major update to Math lesson (Jan/22). Minor update (Sep/22).

Download Starter Kit. A collection of sample stacks and a text file. You must have the free OpenXTalk program installed on your computer to open these files. Updates: Stack Player (Jan/19); Dialog Maker (Jan/20); Quick Spanish (Feb/20); Workout (Jul/20); Comm Board (Aug/20); Calories (Nov/20); DB Membership (Dec/20); DB Home Delivery, Chart Maker (Jun/21); DataGrid Form (Sep/22); DB Generic (Oct/22); List Sort, Group Control (Jan/23); Worksheet, Animate (May/23); Flow Chart, Drawer, List Compare, OXT Scripts.txt (Feb/24).

Download Educator Pak. Stacks and text files for educators. You must have the free OpenXTalk program installed on your computer to open these files. Updates: Animate Letter, DataGrid Table, Data Input, Hot-Air Balloon, Lesson Plan, OXT Lesson Plans.txt (Sep/22); Group Uses, Repeat Loop, OXT Lessons.txt (Nov/22); Chart Temperature (Mar/23); Personal Finance (May/23); Password Maker, Typing Test (Oct/23); Spelling Test (Jan/24); Alzheimer Test (Feb/24); Bug Maze (Mar/24); Maze, Quick Start (Jun/24).
  • Alzheimer Test. One interactive lesson on behavior btn, custom property, with lesson plan.
  • Animate Letter. Easy animation examples, with lesson plan.
  • Bug Maze. A "Build-It" game using intersect( ), move, custom property, with instructions.
  • Chart Temperature. Measure temp over time for a line chart, with lesson plan.
  • Data Grid Table. Four interactive lessons on this complex object, with lesson plan.
  • Data Input. Four cards of data input examples, with lesson plan.
  • Group Uses. Six interactive lessons on group, with lesson plan.
  • Hot-Air Balloon. Side-scrolling animation using keyboard arrowKeys.
  • Lesson Plan. Create teacher lesson plans to U.S. and Canadian standards, export .txt.
  • Maze. A "Build-It" game using intersect( ), loc, within, custom property.
  • Password Maker. One interactive lesson on answer, nested repeat, with lesson plan.
  • Personal Finance. Five personal finance calculators, two lessons, with lesson plan.
  • Quick Start. Six basic interactive OpenXTalk lessons, with text-to-speech narrator.
  • Repeat Loop. Two interactive lessons on repeat, with lesson plan.
  • Spelling Test. Arrange coded objects to make a spelling test, with lesson plan.
  • Typing Test. Timed typing practice, calculates words/minute, with lesson plan.
  • OXT Lessons.txt. Edited lessons from LC's website + original lessons.
  • OXT Lesson Plans.txt. 25 OpenXTalk STEM lesson plans, grades 5-8.

Download PDF Archive. Four essential OpenXTalk tutorials.
  • User Manual.pdf. Fifteen chapters edited and enhanced from LC's original.
  • Data Grid Manual.pdf. Eight chapters edited and enhanced from LC's original.
  • Code Nine Games.pdf, by Scott McDonald. Scripts and detailed instructions for coding nine classic games: Pong, Tetris, Dr. Eliza, 23 Matches, Tower Jump, Lunar Lander, Text Adventure, 3D Spider Hunt, 3D Isometric Maze.
  • OpenXTalk Tutorial.pdf, by Nick Antonaccio. 20 introductory coding lessons.

Example Of OpenXTalk Code
A mouse-click on a button triggers a "mouseUp" message. That message passes along a path looking for an "on mouseUp" message handler to run. The button's code script contains the following "on mouseUp" message handler.


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